Aldo Ancona

Dear Visitor, I am a naturalist guide and native to the area of the Biosphere Reserve Sian Ka'an. Much of my childhood vacations, were spent at my grandfathers farm in Sian Ka'an where I firstly came into contact with nature and the Mayan Culture. Back then, I remember life was a great adventure living at the coast. We lived from fishing lobsters, cultivating coconuts and starting to do the first fishing trips for tourists. Back in the 70s, this was the way of life for many families at all the Riviera Maya long time before tourism began to flourish in the area. In the intervening years, I have seen the area undergo tremendous change. Tourism started to become big business bringing large crowds of tourists to the Riviera Maya.

After working some time in Cozumel in the Cruise Ship business, Water Sport center, I started to train to be a professional tour guide and this has only strengthened my desire to conserve this beautiful part of the world and my greatest desire was to return to Sian Ka'an to offer tours that show you not only the richness of the natural beauty of the Mayan world. We wish to provide you also with a deeper insight in cultural and environmental matters concerning the Riviera Maya showing a real commitment to conservation and support to the local community.