At Visit Sian Ka'an we know that the ecosystems in Sian Ka'an are unique and fragile, we therefore wish to spread the message of environmental understanding and support for the nature of Sian Ka'an. Both visitors and local communities have to be aware of the undeniable fact that ecological damages done are irreparable. We try to demonstrate a clear commitment towards sustainable business principles.
At Visit Sian Ka’an, our motivation making money has never been a motivating factor. From the beginning, we’ve been more interested in doing what we believe is the most important thing – making sure this area of outstanding beauty is preserved for generations to come.

Our company is strongly based on the principles of UNESCO's MAB (Man and the Biosphere) programm. We try to minimize the negative impact of our activities, working closely with government and independent agencies to ensure we always make the right decisions.

For example, we are aware that Sian Ka’an is now visited by 80,000 people a year, many of whom take part in the famous jeep safaris tour to Punta Allen and adventure and snorkelling trips run by agencies from Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Unfortunately, not all of these agencies are respectful of the ecosystems they disturb. We have always turned down offers from big tourism agencies who wanted to work together and bring large groups of tourists into Sian Ka'an. We always had in mind to be a self-sustaining local tourism project, self promting our tours without the dependence of the market power of big tour agencies. Although this was surely the more difficult way to go as competition is big, but in the end this is our commitment towards preserving Sian Ka'an! When you buy our tour, you can be sure that your money helps not only preserving the rich ecosystems but also the local economy of Sian Ka'an

In addition we are committed to following the guidelines laid out by the National Commission for Protected Areas in its reef ecosystem management plan. That’s why we only run small, private tours, for small groups of 4 or 6 guests per tour.